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Why Does Oregon’s Water Look & Taste Rusty?

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Rusty water in Oregon can be natural or from your plumbing
Rusty water in Oregon can be natural or from your plumbing

Have you experienced rusty-looking water in your Oregon home? Are you concerned about whether it may be harmful to your health?

Rusty water can be caused by several reasons, including natural and man-made factors.

In this article, we will explore what makes water in Oregon appear rusty, assess whether rusty water is harmful to your health, examine if rust can damage household appliances, discuss whether you need to replace galvanized pipes, and explain why rusty water can be a sign that it is time for a full home repipe.

What Makes Oregon Water Look Rusty?

In Oregon, discolored or rusty water can result from various factors within a home's plumbing system and the state's unique geological conditions.

Certain regions in Oregon may experience elevated levels of iron in their water sources, causing the discoloration. Additionally, water from wells might contain higher iron concentrations, impacting the overall quality of the water supply.

One prevalent source of rusty water is the presence of galvanized pipes in residential plumbing. Galvanized pipes, commonly used in older homes, are susceptible to corrosion over time, leading to the release of rust particles into the water supply.

corroded old galvanized plumbing
Corroded, old galvanized plumbing

The aging process of these pipes, coupled with the naturally occurring minerals in Oregon's geological makeup, heightens the likelihood of encountering rusty water issues.

For more information on rust and its causes, you can refer to our article on How Does Rust Get In My Drinking Water?


Is Rusty Water in Oregon Harmful to Health?

Rusty water in Oregon is generally not considered harmful to health. The discoloration is often attributed to elevated iron particles in water, a naturally occurring mineral that is not inherently toxic

However, while the rusty appearance itself may not be harmful, it can serve as a visible indicator of potential issues within your home's plumbing system. Rusty water can cause discoloration in your clothes, sinks, and showers, making your water taste unpleasant.

Addressing rusty water is crucial because it can signal underlying problems such as corroded pipes in the municipal water supply or outdated plumbing materials like galvanized pipes, which are prevalent in older Oregon homes.


Can Rusty Water Damage Household Appliances?

Rusty water in Oregon can be particularly problematic when it comes to household appliances.

The presence of rust in the water, especially if left untreated, has the potential to cause staining and corrosion of plumbing fixtures, washing machines, dishwashers, and other appliances directly connected to the water lines.

Extended exposure to elevated iron levels in the water supply can lead to the buildup of rust deposits inside pipes and appliances. This accumulation can compromise their functionality over time.


Do I Need To Replace My Galvanized Pipes?

If your rusty water is being caused by galvanized plumbing, it's not a matter of if, but when all your galvanized pipes will need replacing.

Some Oregon homeowners opt for partial repiping and repairs rather than a complete galvanized repiping project. At Repipe Specialists, we believe that partial repairs are a short-term solution that will end up costing you more in the long run.

All galvanized piping will eventually require replacement, and doing it gradually over time will be much more expensive than completing the entire job at once. Additionally, a single leak can lead to more water damage than the cost of a full repiping. We have an article that investigates how to remove rust from drinking water depending on what the source of the rust related problem is.

Most of our repipes are priced between $4,500 for a smaller home and up to $15,000 for larger, more complex projects. Read more in How Much Does a Whole House Repipe Cost. We also offer repipe financing options to help ease the financial burden of unplanned repiping expenses.


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Still Have Rusty Galvanized Pipes in Oregon? Repipe With PEX

If your water in Oregon consistently appears rusty, it could signify more profound issues within your plumbing system, particularly with galvanized pipes.

Repiping materials such as copper piping or PEX tubing are highly resistant to rust, but we find that the vast majority of our customers replace their galvanized pipes with PEX tubing.

Both copper and PEX are known for their durability, resistance to corrosion, and longevity, offering a reliable solution to the persistent problems associated with rusty water in Oregon.

By investing in a repipe, you not only address the immediate concerns related to rusty water but also ensure a more robust and efficient plumbing system for the future, minimizing the risk of further issues associated with aging galvanized pipes.


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