Minimizing Galvanized Plumbing Issues in Utah

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Minimizing Galvanized Plumbing Issues in Utah

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A PEX repipe is a long term solution to replacing old pipes
A PEX repipe is a long term solution to replacing old pipes

Galvanized pipes were commonly used across Utah until the 1960s when they gradually fell out of favor.

Many Utah homes still have galvanized steel plumbing, making them at least 40 years old (and possibly many decades older). It is highly likely that these pipes have reached the end of their expected service life.

In this article, we will discuss why galvanized pipes are prone to problems in Utah, the common signs of corrosion, the best ways to minimize galvanized plumbing corrosion, and which material is best suited for Utah's water and environment.

Why Are Galvanized Pipes Prone to Problems in Utah?

Galvanized pipes are particularly susceptible to issues in Utah due to the state's unique environmental conditions.

Utah's hard water contains minerals that react with the zinc coating on galvanized pipes. The average water hardness in Utah is above 290 ppm (parts per million), significantly higher than what is considered hard water. This intensifies the rate of corrosion, accelerating the breakdown of the protective zinc coating on galvanized pipes.

The temperature fluctuations in Utah, ranging from extreme cold in winter to hot summers, can cause the expansion and contraction of galvanized pipes, weakening the pipe structure over time.

These factors make galvanized pipes highly prone to leaks, clogs, and ultimately, costly repairs for homeowners and property owners across the state.


What Are the Signs of Corrosion in Galvanized Pipes?

Corrosion in galvanized pipes manifests through several distinct signs, often indicative of the pipes' deteriorating condition.

  • Rusty and Discolored Water: One prominent indicator is the appearance of rust-colored water flowing from taps, suggesting that the protective zinc coating has eroded, exposing the underlying metal to oxidation.
  • your old galvanized pipes look like this on the inside
    Your old galvanized pipes look like this on the inside
  • Low Water Pressure: Another telltale sign is a gradual decrease in water pressure throughout the plumbing system, stemming from internal corrosion and the accumulation of rust and mineral deposits within the pipes. This restricted flow is typically most noticeable at hot water outlets and those furthest from the water supply.
  • Water Leaks: In more severe cases, the development of leaks or bursts signifies advanced corrosion and imminent pipe failure. Corrosion can reach a point where pipes and connections start to fail. Sometimes these leaks can be slow and go undetected for extended periods, leading to the buildup of mold in wall cavities, which requires expensive and disruptive mold repair when discovered.

Monitoring water quality, pressure fluctuations, and visible signs of corrosion is crucial for early detection and proactive maintenance of galvanized piping systems.


How Can Homeowners Minimize Galvanized Plumbing Problems in Utah?

All galvanized piping will eventually require replacement, and doing it gradually over time will be much more expensive than completing the entire job at once. Additionally, a single leak can lead to more water damage than the cost of a full repipe.

It's not a matter of if, but when, all your galvanized plumbing will need replacement.

If you want fast-flowing, clean water, and no leaks from corroded galvanized piping, you need to replace the galvanized piping with a modern plumbing system like PEX tubing or copper pipe.

Some homeowners choose partial repiping and repairs over a whole-home galvanized replumb. Here at Repipe Specialists, we believe that is a short-term perspective that will cost you more in the long run.

All the galvanized piping will eventually need replacing, and doing it in a piecemeal fashion over time will cost much more than doing it all at once. Furthermore, a single leak may cause more water damage than the cost of an actual repipe.


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What is the Best Plumbing Material For Utah's Environment?

In Utah's challenging environmental conditions, repiping with PEX (cross-linked polyethylene) is the most advantageous option for homeowners seeking durable and corrosion-resistant plumbing materials.

PEX tubing exhibits exceptional resistance to the corrosive effects of Utah's hard water, minimizing the risk of deterioration and prolonging the lifespan of the plumbing system. Unlike galvanized pipes, PEX is flexible and can withstand temperature fluctuations without compromising its structural integrity, making it well-suited for Utah's diverse climate.

Furthermore, PEX installation involves fewer joints and fittings compared to traditional piping materials, reducing the likelihood of leaks and enhancing overall system reliability. PEX pipes are highly resistant to scale buildup caused by Utah's hard water, ensuring consistent water flow and long-lasting plumbing for years to come.

By opting for a PEX repipe, homeowners in Utah can enjoy the peace of mind knowing that their plumbing systems are equipped to withstand the rigors of the state's environment while maximizing long-term performance.


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