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Is Oregon's Home Drinking Water Safe?

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Filtration plus a repipe will deliver the safest water
Filtration plus a repipe will deliver the safest water

Oregon's water supply can encounter a variety of contaminants. Although many of them may not pose immediate health risks, they can still affect water quality significantly.

While home filtration systems in Oregon can mitigate some of these contaminants, it's essential to assess whether they can effectively address all potential issues.

In this article, we will delve into whether Oregon's tap water is safe for drinking, if home filtration systems can effectively address water contaminants, whether galvanized pipes pose a water safety concern in Oregon, and how to improve water quality in your Oregon home.

Is Oregon Tap Water Safe for Drinking?

Oregon's tap water generally meets federal and state safety standards. However, water quality can vary based on location and infrastructure, occasionally leading to contamination or infrastructure issues.

We advise staying informed about local tap water quality by visiting the Oregon Health Authority's (OHA) website for water quality reports. Additionally, there is a live Oregon Drinking Water Advisory available, allowing you to keep up-to-date on your area's water quality.

Despite meeting safety standards, Oregon's tap water can face a variety of challenges. With more than 70% of Oregon homeowners receiving some of their water from well systems, issues such as agricultural runoff can introduce pesticides, fertilizers, and animal waste, while urbanization increases stormwater runoff carrying heavy metals and sediment.

Industrial discharge contributes pollutants like heavy metals and chemicals, and aging infrastructure presents issues such as corroded pipes and inadequate treatment processes. All these challenges pose a variety of risks to water quality and human health.

You can read more about the common Oregon water contaminants at the Oregon Environmental Council's website.


Can Home Filtration Systems Address Contaminants in Oregon's Water Supply?

Installing a home filtration system in your Oregon home can help prevent certain water contaminants from entering the water supply.

Most standard home filters in Oregon are capable of reducing heavy metals and microbial contaminants, contributing to an overall improvement in water quality.

The specific contaminants that Oregon filters remove depend on the type of filters used. They can target chlorine, sediment, heavy metals, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and other pollutants. Some systems may also include a water softener component. (Note: all water softeners are a form of filtration system; however, not all filtration systems include a water softener component).

Oregon Home Filtration Companies

There are several home filtration companies that service the Oregon area, including:

  • Clearwater: Clearwater installs a variety of pump services alongside 'water softeners, iron filters, sediment filters, reverse osmosis'.
  • Central Oregon Water: Central Oregon Water uses a variety of water softeners and drinking water systems to combat contaminants in well water systems and the municipal water supply.

It is crucial for Oregon residents to choose filtration systems that specifically target the main contaminants in their local water sources. Regular maintenance is essential to ensure the continued effectiveness of these systems.


Are Galvanized Pipes a Concern for Drinking Water Safety in Oregon?

In Oregon, where aging infrastructure is prevalent, many homes still rely on galvanized pipes for water distribution.

Although galvanized pipes are not considered a hazard to your health, they can contribute to changes in water taste, color, and odor, indicating potential contamination.

Over time, the protective layer can degrade, leading to corrosion and leaching of metals into the water supply. The internal rust will not only make your water look and taste rusty but is also likely clogging your pipes and reducing your water flow.

your old galvanized pipes look like this on the inside
Your old galvanized pipes look like this on the inside

To address galvanized pipes, Oregon residents should consider proactive measures such as repiping with modern materials such as copper piping and PEX tubing to eliminate the risk of corrosion and ensure safe drinking water for your Oregon home.

We have a detailed article that breaks down the many problems with galvanized plumbing.


How Does Repiping Improve Water Quality in Oregon Homes?

Repiping can significantly improve water quality in Oregon homes by addressing issues associated with galvanized pipes and other contaminants.

Repiping can help improve your Oregon home's water quality through several factors:

  1. Corrosion Prevention: Repiping outdated galvanized plumbing helps eliminate the risk of water contamination caused by corroded or deteriorating pipes. For example, PEX pipes are highly resistant to corrosion, ensuring cleaner and safer water for household use.
  2. Reduced Contaminant Exposure: By installing new pipes, Oregon homeowners reduce the likelihood of pollutants such as sediment, rust, and microbial growth accumulating within the plumbing system.
  3. Long-Term Reliability: Repiping with materials like PEX ensures durability, flexibility, and resistance to chemical and mineral buildup, ensuring long-term reliability and performance. With minimal maintenance requirements and a lifespan of up to 50 years or more, PEX provides a sustainable solution for maintaining high water quality in Oregon homes.

By combining home filtration systems alongside a full home repipe, homeowners can effectively stop the damaging effects of Oregon's aging plumbing and water contaminants, ensuring a more reliable and long-lasting plumbing system for many years to come.

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