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How Colorado's Weather Affects Plumbing

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Sudden temperature drops can damage your plumbing
Sudden temperature drops can damage your plumbing

Are you concerned about how Colorado's extreme weather changes may affect your plumbing?

Different parts of Colorado can experience entirely different extreme weather conditions simultaneously. Weather can change incredibly quickly in Colorado, placing strain and pressure on your home's plumbing systems.

In this article, we will discuss how extreme weather changes can impact plumbing in Colorado, whether there are installation techniques to help withstand extreme weather, and what plumbing materials are best for all-weather environments.

How Will Extreme Weather Changes Impact Colorado Plumbing?

Extreme weather changes can significantly impact Colorado's plumbing systems, particularly the freshwater lines within homes. Colorado's unpredictable climate poses unique challenges to plumbing infrastructure.

  • Freezing Conditions: During periods of intense cold, water lines are at risk of freezing and bursting, leading to costly repairs and water damage inside homes. The rapid thawing that often follows can further stress weakened pipes, exacerbating the potential for leaks and ruptures. This is especially common in metal pipes, including copper pipes and galvanized plumbing.
  • copper pinhole leaks can cause significant water damage
    Copper pinhole leaks can cause significant water damage
  • Droughts: There is rarely a time when a part of Colorado is not suffering from drought conditions. Droughts in Colorado strain fresh water plumbing by decreasing water usage, leading to sediment buildup and an increased risk of corrosion.
  • Expansive soil: Colorado is known for its expansive soil. The state's heavy clay soil can experience expansion during wet periods and contraction during dry spells, posing challenges to plumbing infrastructure, including potential damage on slab foundations and plumbing located underground. Any ground movement can strain plumbing located in or under a home, leading to potential slab leaks.

Addressing these challenges is integral to mitigating the adverse effects of extreme weather on Colorado's plumbing networks.


Are There Plumbing Instillation Techniques for Colorado's Extreme Weather?

Rerouting plumbing through areas that won't be exposed to freezing temperatures or dry weather is one way to ensure the longevity of your plumbing.

Here at Repipe Specialists, our full home repipes reroute all plumbing through insulated areas such as walls and attics to ensure that your plumbing is as protected from extreme weather as possible. We can also insulate the pipes as necessary to mitigate the risk of future freeze damage.

Flexible PEX tubing can be run in continuous lengths from a central manifold straight to each outlet, with far fewer connections overall. This ensures that no plumbing is located in or underneath the slab, so you won't have to worry about Colorado's expansive soil.

routing new PEX tubing through walls
Routing new PEX tubing through walls

We have an article covering the costs of a PEX repipe in general. You can also contact us to schedule a free consult with one of our local repipe consultants, who can discuss your repipe options and provide you with a fixed price quote.


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What Plumbing Materials Are Recommended for Colorado's Extreme Weather?

When addressing Colorado's weather fluctuations, PEX (cross-linked polyethylene) tubing emerges as the most versatile repiping material due to its exceptional resilience and adaptability.

PEX excels in withstanding temperature variations, crucial for Colorado's diverse climate, where freezing temperatures and dry spells are common. Its flexible nature reduces the risk of bursting during cold spells, offering homeowners a reliable solution against weather-induced plumbing emergencies.

PEX's resistance to corrosion and sediment buildup ensures long-term durability, ideal for enduring Colorado's fluctuating environmental conditions. We have an article that discusses the many advantages of PEX tubing.

By repiping with PEX tubing, Colorado homeowners can protect their plumbing systems against the challenges posed by the state's dynamic weather, ensuring reliability and longevity even amidst extreme fluctuations.


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Schedule a free in-home consult, and one of our local repipe consultants will explain all your repipe options and provide you with a written, fixed-price quote. Beat Colorado's extreme climate, repipe with PEX.


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