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Ensure High-Quality Well Water in Oklahoma Homes

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Learn how to ensure the quality of your Oklahoma well water
Learn how to ensure the quality of your Oklahoma well water

Do you have a well water system in your Oklahoma home? Are you looking for the best ways to ensure you are receiving the best water quality?

You've come to the right place. Here at Repipe Specialist, we understand the need to protect your well water from contaminants, both naturally occurring and man-made.

In this article, we will break down the common contaminants that can leach into Oklahoma's well water, how often you should test your water, the benefits of installing a filtration system, and why combining home filtration with a full home repipe is the best way to ensure you receive the highest quality well water.

What Are Common Contaminants Found in Oklahoma Well Water?

In Oklahoma, well water quality can be significantly impacted by a range of contaminants stemming from both natural and anthropogenic sources.

One prevalent concern is the presence of naturally occurring substances such as arsenic, iron, uranium, and chromium, which can leach into the groundwater from the geological formations across the state. You can find a thorough and detailed list of the contaminants found in Oklahoma's water at the Association of Central Oklahoma Governments (ACOG) website.

According to Oklahoma Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture, there are over 80,000 farms in Oklahoma, covering upwards of 75% of the state. Agricultural activities can contribute to elevated levels of nitrate and pesticides in Oklahoma's well water, posing potential health risks, especially in rural areas where farming is prominent.

By staying informed about the common contaminants found in Oklahoma's well water, you can implement the best methods to ensure your water quality for many years to come.


How Often Should I Test My Well Water in Oklahoma?

Testing well water regularly is paramount to ensuring its safety and quality, particularly in a state as susceptible to contamination as Oklahoma.

Given the variability in geological composition and land use practices across the state, the frequency of testing your well water may vary. We generally recommend testing your well water at least once a year for common contaminants such as bacteria, nitrates, and pH levels.

We also advise testing after significant weather events like heavy rainfall or flooding, which can increase the risk of contamination. In Oklahoma, residents can utilize testing kits readily available from local health departments or through online platforms. We've made it easy for you:

Unlike municipal water supplies, which are subject to stringent federal regulations, private well water falls under the responsibility of individual homeowners. This means incorporating routine testing into your well water maintenance not only helps address any contamination issues but also ensures the continued safety of your well water supply.


What Are the Benefits of Installing a Filtration System for Oklahoma Well Water?

Installing a filtration system for well water in Oklahoma offers several benefits. Some of the main advantages include:

  1. Removal of Contaminants: Filtration systems effectively remove various contaminants commonly found in Oklahoma well water, including bacteria, sediment, pesticides, and heavy metals like arsenic and lead. By eliminating harmful contaminants, filtration systems help reduce the risk of waterborne illnesses and long-term health effects associated with consuming contaminated well water.
  2. Improved Taste and Odor: Filtration systems can enhance the taste and odor of well water by eliminating unpleasant smells and flavors caused by dissolved minerals or organic matter. They can also help minimize sediment buildup and corrosion caused by rust and mineral build-up in water heaters, prolonging their lifespan and ensuring cleaner-looking water.
  3. Protection Against Agricultural Runoff: Given Oklahoma's significant agricultural activity, filtration systems provide a crucial barrier against contaminants like nitrates and pesticides that may leach into groundwater from fertilizers and pesticides used on farms.

Although installing a filtration system will help minimize the number of contaminants entering your well water system, these contaminants may have caused irreversible damage to your home's plumbing system, increasing the likelihood of corrosion in outdated pipes and possibly leading to further contamination.


How To Ensure Oklahoma Well Water Quality: Combine Home Filtration and Full Home Repipe

The best way to ensure the quality of your Oklahoma well water is by combining a home filtration system with a full home repipe, utilizing safe and up-to-date materials like PEX (cross-linked polyethylene) tubing or copper pipe.

PEX and copper are renowned for their durability, resistance to corrosion, and ability to maintain water purity. By replacing outdated or deteriorating pipes, homeowners can significantly improve the safety and reliability of their well water supply.

In Oklahoma, where aging infrastructure and geological factors can contribute to water contamination, repiping with modern materials provides a solution to mitigate risks associated with deteriorating pipes.

For example, PEX is flexible and resistant to chemical corrosion, making it ideal for withstanding the diverse conditions often encountered in Oklahoma's water systems. Similarly, copper pipes boast antimicrobial properties, ensuring the integrity of the water supply.

routing new PEX tubing through walls
Routing new PEX tubing through walls

Here at Repipe Specialists, we utilize American-made Type L copper piping and Uponor PEX tubing, depending on our clients' personal preferences. If you are unsure about what material is best for you, we have an article that breaks down the pros and cons of PEX and copper.

By investing in a full home repipe with safe materials alongside a comprehensive filtration system, you can address potential contamination within your plumbing system, safeguarding the quality and safety of your well water for years to come.


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