How Nevada's Micro-Earthquakes Impact Plumbing

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How Nevada's Micro-Earthquakes Impact Plumbing

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Micro-earthquakes can damage foundations and plumbing
Micro-earthquakes can damage foundations and plumbing

Did you know that Nevada experiences thousands of micro-earthquakes each year?

Over time, these micro-earthquakes could damage your pipes if they are located in or under your home's concrete slab.

In this article, we will investigate how Nevada's micro-earthquakes can cause damage to your plumbing, whether there is homeowners' insurance coverage for damaged plumbing caused by these seismic events, and how to permanently prevent plumbing underneath your Nevada home from being damaged by any seismic activity.

How Can Micro-Earthquakes in Nevada Damage Plumbing?

Micro-earthquakes in Nevada can have subtle yet potentially significant effects on plumbing systems, especially those located in or under slabs. They also emphasize the need for earthquake protection in the area.

A micro-earthquake is an earthquake that is 2.0 or less in magnitude. These continuous, low-intensity earthquakes can create stress on pipes underneath concrete slabs, leading to micro-fractures, leaks, and shifts in the plumbing infrastructure. Over time, these damages may remain hidden, gradually escalating into more extensive issues.

The vibrations from micro-earthquakes can compromise the structural integrity of the pipes, causing misalignments or creating small openings through which water can escape.

Homeowners may not immediately notice these subtle damages, and the issues may worsen over time, leading to costly repairs and potential health hazards. We have a detailed article that covers the warning signs of a leak under slab.

Understanding the long-term impact of micro-earthquakes on plumbing, particularly piping located in or under slab foundations, is crucial for Nevada homeowners to address and prevent potential damages before they escalate.


Is There Nevada Insurance Coverage for Plumbing Damage Caused by Micro-Earthquakes?

While standard homeowners' insurance policies typically cover sudden and accidental damages, the gradual and hidden nature of plumbing issues resulting from micro-earthquakes might pose challenges.

Homeowners might discover that insurance claims are denied due to the prolonged timeframe over which the damage occurs. Some insurance companies may argue that the damage resulted from wear and tear rather than a sudden event, thus falling outside the scope of coverage.

For example, Nationwide Homeowners Insurance (which supplies Nevada homeowners insurance) won't cover general wear and tear, considering it a "home maintenance issue".

Nationwide does provide earthquake coverage as an additional endorsement that comes with specific deductibles and coverage limitations. They state that their earthquake coverage "provides protection from the shaking and cracking that can destroy buildings and personal possessions." Seeing that micro-earthquakes don't cause sudden catastrophic damage to buildings, it is unlikely that gradual damage will be covered.

It's essential for homeowners in Nevada to carefully review their insurance policies and, if necessary, seek additional coverage that explicitly addresses damages caused by seismic activity.


How to Stop Damaged Plumbing Caused by Nevada's Micro-Earthquakes

There is no way to completely earthquake-proof your plumbing. However, you can minimize the effects on your plumbing and avoid issues such as slab leaks by repiping your fresh water lines through walls using flexible materials like PEX tubing.

Here at Repipe Specialists, our full home repipes do just that. We cap off the fresh water lines that are already in or under your slab, leaving them in place. We then route all your new plumbing through walls, ceilings, and attics, avoiding earthquake-prone areas under the slab and preventing future leaks. We have a detailed article that focuses on whether you should repair or repipe a slab leak.

routing new PEX tubing through walls
Routing new PEX tubing through walls

Our whole-home repipes will also generally be much less disruptive than jackhammering open your slab to access and replace leaking pipes caused by micro-earthquakes in Nevada. With our One-Stop Repipe™ Process, we can complete a repipe of your entire home in just 1-2 days, and handle everything from inspections to wall patching - all backed by a lifetime warranty.

A Repipe Specialist repipe will provide you with the peace of mind that your plumbing is as earthquake-proof as possible. Feel free to contact us to schedule a free consultation with one of our local repipe consultants.


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