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Nevada Polybutylene Pipe Replacement: What You Need to Know

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Check for poly pipes before buying
Check for poly pipes before buying

Are you thinking of buying a house in Nevada, but have just discovered that it still has poly-b pipes?

Although the presence of poly-b pipes (aka polybutylene, Quest, Qest, pb-1 pipe, or just "poly pipe") should be taken into account when making an offer, don't let poly-b pipes scare you away from your dream home. Replacing outdated poly-b pipes is probably easier and less costly than most realize.

In this article, we will break down the common problems with poly-b pipes in Nevada, whether you need to replace poly-b pipes before buying a home, if Nevada home sellers are required to disclose the presence of poly-b, as well as the cost and process of a complete home repipe.

What Are Common Poly-B Pipe Problems in Nevada?

Poly-b is a type of plastic potable water plumbing commonly found in many Nevada homes built from the late 1970s through to the mid-1990s due to its inexpensiveness and ease of installation.

Over time, poly-b pipes are susceptible to degradation, becoming brittle and prone to cracks and fractures. This deterioration is often caused by reactions with certain chemicals commonly found in municipal water supplies. Poly-b is no longer sold in the US, and building codes don't permit them in new builds.

Nevada's hard water, characterized by high mineral content, can contribute to the deterioration of poly-b pipes over time, increasing the likelihood of failures. With an average hardness of 267 parts per million (ppm) in Las Vegas alone (anything over 180 ppm is considered very hard), poly-b pipes can degrade at a much faster rate in Nevada compared to other states.

what you see here is also inside your pipes.
What you see here is also inside your pipes.

There has been a significant amount of litigation surrounding poly-b pipes; however, if you haven't participated in prior polybutylene class actions, your legal options are likely very limited. Disclaimer: We aren't lawyers and aren't providing any legal advice here.

If you are planning to buy a Nevada home that still has poly-b pipes, it is integral to know what you need to do to ensure the longevity of your new home's plumbing.


Do I Need to Replace Poly-B Pipes Before Buying a House in Nevada?

The short answer is that all poly-b pipes used in Nevada's residential fresh water plumbing require replacement, whether that be before or after purchasing a home.

While some homeowners might consider deferring replacement until after the purchase, it's crucial to understand the risks associated with poly-b pipes in Nevada. Even if the seller hasn't experienced leaks or other issues with their poly-b pipes, it's still important to consider repiping.

While there might not be a specific legal mandate for sellers to replace poly-b pipes before selling a house, it is in their best interest to do so to enhance the marketability of their property and avoid potential disputes with buyers.

In Nevada, the responsibility for replacing poly-b pipes before buying a house typically falls on the seller rather than the buyer. We have a detailed article that breaks down whether homeowners can sell a house with polybutylene pipes.

Ultimately, while sellers are not always obligated to replace poly-b pipes, transparency and disclosure regarding the condition of the plumbing system are essential for a fair and smooth real estate transaction in Nevada.


Are Nevada Home Sellers Required To Disclose Poly-B Pipes?

If a home seller knows they have poly-b pipes, they will most likely be required to disclose that fact.

According to Nevada real estate laws and regulations, sellers are generally required to disclose any known defects (defined as The Nevada Legislature as "a condition that materially affects the value or use of residential property in an adverse manner") or issues with the property, including the presence of poly-b pipes.

This requirement extends to the plumbing system, and sellers are expected to provide potential buyers with accurate information about the materials used in the home's infrastructure.

Failure to disclose the presence of poly-b pipes could lead to legal consequences and disputes between buyers and sellers, as buyers rely on this information to make informed decisions about their purchase.

We know of situations where home inspectors don't notice poly-b pipes because of their similarity to other plastic pipes. If you're concerned, there are a number of easy ways to tell if there is poly-b pipes in a home.


Should I Buy a House in Nevada with Poly-B Pipes?

If you're considering buying a home with poly-b plumbing in Nevada, you should take the cost of replacing the pipes into account when making your offer. However, don't dismiss the house outright.

Replacing poly-b plumbing is often easier and less costly than you might expect. At Repipe Specialists, our repiping services typically take just one day (with a second day for wall patching), including permits and inspections.

Home repipe costs range from $4,500 to $15,000, depending on the project's size and complexity. We offer free Nevada poly-b replacement quotes to buyers and sellers, aiding in home sale negotiations. With our quote, buyers can confidently negotiate concessions or require the seller to repipe before closing, as the process typically doesn't delay closing dates.

Contact us to have one of our local repipe consultants provide a free consultation and quote, delivered in-home or remotely.


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